One Day Photoshoot in Mexico City!

I think the theme of January 2016 is going to be "Wow, that was fast!".    Phone call on Friday from commercial agent, "Are you available to fly to Mexico Sunday?"  "Yes!"   Left Sunday,  came back Tuesday morning.   And what a day MONDAY was, multiple locations and outfits, amazing people, and amazing food!  

Old School Journal

I used to write in a journal, riding the bart in San Francisco

The feel of the pencil, the motion of the car, the

Rush of an opposite passing train.

The silent thoughts of the passengers and

The 1/2 second eye contacts.

The freedom to write and erase,

not knowing if it was a poem or a story

or if anyone would ever read it.

No phone to answer no person to text

nothing connecting me to the external

but my mind and the crisp white pages

between a weathered brown leather cover.

I wrote things like this.


"Truth Meter"

As an actor and voice director, I have developed a little meter in my body, right in the middle of my sternum which tells me whether what I'm listening to or delivering is 'the truth'.  I have come to rely on it heavily in the vocal booth, on set and on stage.   It is the same meter really for real life when we judge if we are acting in an authentic way; being ourselves.   So it goes like this: Say I'm reading a piece of v.o. copy in the booth - First take:  I feel a little twitch in my sternum;  hmmm, do I know exactly who I'm talking to, and am I really connecting with the person?   2nd take:   Truth meter is good until the tag at the end.  Hmmm.  Oh,  I fell into being too announcery, thank you truth meter for letting me know.  3rd Take:  Ah, smooth and real.  Next:  Go out to the speakers and listen.   Now I'm using the 'listening version' of the truth meter, the one I use when I direct other people.   After doing this for quite awhile, I can tell you that I already got it right when I was in the booth - some may call that 'self - directing in real time.'    Interestingly, it's the BODY that knows the truth just as much if not more than the mind.   

Do you have one of these meters?

In art, as in life - no faking allowed.