Voice Over Artist and Director

Animated Characters

Voice Direction, Music Composition and Singing "Trio" (at 1:20)  by David Babich. 

Written, Directed and Animated by Benjamin Goldman.  Co-Produced and Co-Directed by Daniel Gamburg.

Documentary Narration 


(Grand Prize Winner) On Location: The Los Angeles Video Project. Directed by Varda Hardy. Narrated by David Babich.  Music Score by David Babich.

Television / Character

Industrial Narration / Long Form Commercial

David plays Bimbo in the  new Betty Boop Bop Video Game!

Selected Credits

MIRROR’S EDGE - Electronic Arts Video Game (MOTION CAPTURE)

McDonald's Radio Commercial

SYNDICATE - Video Game (Electronic Arts)

Pacific Life

How We Amend - History Channel / Library of Congress

MES Medical Systems - Industrial

Voice of 'Mojave' Web Browsing APP

The Voice of Bend-IT Soccer Balls

Betty Boop Dance Card - Game

Enigma Technologies (Multiple Industrial Narrations)

How To Make A Surf Video(Documentary Narration)

Nerd Out(Documentary Narration)

Legend of the Dragoon (Sony Playstation)

Beast (Sony Playstation)

Star Ocean (Sony Playstation)

Beast II (Sony Playstation)

Wilsonville Toyota (Animated TV)

Unify - Short Film Narration

Knightsbridge Strategies (Industrial)

Ode To Los Angeles (Film Narration)

Cyber Café Pro” (Online Commercial / Industrial)

Barwa Commercial Avenue” (Business/Travel Promo)

Frontier Infinity (Radio Commercial)

Lombardi Sports (Radio Commercial)

Kung Fu Live Game (Virtual Air Guitar)

Stoked and Broke (Documentary Narration)

Stoked and Broke (Movie Trailer)

Fans of Fury (Industrial Narration)

Punch Out Rap Video by Break Media

Microsoft Front Page(Internet)

Gotham (Video Game)

MGAE Entertainment (Toy)

National Radio Project (Journalistic Translation)

Pacific Playback Theatre (Narration)

Playstation Live Conference Booth

Sterling Analytics (Voicemail)

Want The Movie (Radio Announcer)

Ashes (Novel Promo)

Doug Serena, CIO (Industrial Narration)

Docuscripts (Industrial Narration)

Thumbprick Bookmarks Bar (Commercial)